My new adventure

This post has been a long time coming. The middle of last year, up until Christmas had me somewhat busy and unable to blog as often as I would’ve liked to.The beauty posts will slowly start making an appearance again but before that I just wanted to updated everyone on why I haven’t been around as much.

Last March we found out we were having a baby and as you can imagine everything took a back seat while we prepared for parenthood. Nine months went by so quick and before I knew it I was on my way to hospital to have our baby girl. Olivia was born on the 4th December 2016 and we were immediately in love. I won’t bore you with my birthing story but I was very grateful that everything went to plan and it was a somewhat lovely unforgettable  experience.

Being pregnant was the best experience of my life,I was thankful that it was a kind pregnancy with hardly any sickness or unpleasantness. It was a positive experience for me in more ways than one as it completely took away my anxiety and panic attacks,something which I had been suffering with it just before I fell pregnant. Since having Olivia I haven’t experience it to the extreme that I was getting prior to her arrival. Growing a human being was beyond amazing and I am so grateful that she chose me as her mummy.

Our baby girl is everything we’ve hoped and more. She is such a lovely, chilled baby who loves her sleep (YAY). We enjoying the gummy smiles, random noises that she loves to make as if she is trying to tell us a story. Our little lady has completed us and we can’t wait to carry on our adventure as a little family of 3.

Top 3 essential oils for your skin

Essential oils are becoming more popular due to their incredible benefits to the skin. A lot of people,me included, are now adding essential oils to their beauty routines and seeing some fantastic results. With healthy living making a big come back (I still haven’t quite mastered it yet), people are becoming more aware of what they put on their faces. Chemicals are out and natural ingredients are the new thing! These amazing ingredients are finally getting the recognition it deserves.

As someone that has been blessed  with mega oily skin(insert sarcastic face here). I have always been wary of adding oil to my skin but after learning more about skincare over the last few years, I realized that oils can actually help balance an oily skin and are indeed very good for all skin types. I now use a mixture of different  oils on a daily basis,especially on my breakouts!

I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite oils and their benefits. I have oil acne prone skin and I have seen a huge improvement of my skin since using these oils. I can’t guarantee it will work for everyone but they are definitely worth a try.

Coconut Oil

  • Bursting with essential nutrients, protein, vitamin E and fatty acids
  • A great makeup remover
  • Supports healing and repair of skin
  • Helps with pigmentation and breakouts
  • Has antibacterial properties
  • Fantastic eyelash and eyebrow conditioner

Rosehip Oil

  • Contains vitamin A- known to help reduce the appearance of scars and pigmentation
  • Contains Beta-Carotene- an antioxidant that helps protect from the sun
  • Re-hydrates dry skin
  • Brightens skin- leaving you with a healthy glow all  year round
  • Dries breakouts and soothes inflamed area

Tamanu Oil

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Has been found to minimize scaring
  • Benefits those with dry skin
  • Can minimize growth of acne causing bacteria
  • Repairs skin by promoting healthy cell growth

These are just some of the many oils that have been beneficial to my skin. Its important to buy a high grade oil instead of something that’s too cheap as you want it to be as natural and untouched as possible.

I hope this has been helpful and that it helps those of you that want to try essential oils as part of your skincare routine.

Stay Beautiful





DMK Premiere Foundation {Review}

Make up never fails to amaze me! There is a product out there for pretty much everything, whether its for problem skin, normal skin, countoring etc- if you need it, you can pretty much be sure that you can find it. There are so many brands out there waiting to be explored and so many more products waiting to go into your makeup room!

As someone that suffers from acne I am very wary of what I put on my face. I love makeup but my skin doesn’t always agree with my choices. My main struggle has only been foundations, I always struggle to find one that doesn’t upset my skin. As if it wasn’t hard enough finding the right shade, then I have to worry about whether it will clog my pores, make my breakouts worse, turn my already oily skin into an oily nightmare and how long will it actually last on my face. Foundation shopping is not one of my favorite things!

I was introduced to DMK cosmetics by the lovely Lorena Oberg– someone that knows a great deal about skincare and offers fantastic treatments in the beauty industry. Shes one of the very best in her field (if not the best). She stocks DMK cosmetics in her clinic and swears by them. If its approved by Lorena then you better believe it that you going to love it too!


DMK founder Danné Montague-King has been at the forefront of paramedical skin revision treatment for over 40 years.

Thousands of clients around the world have benefitted from DMK’s guiding promise – to be the one you can rely on.

Our history is unique. Danné was the first scientist to create a skin rejuvenation system that matched an individual’s biochemistry with the appropriate skin therapy. After decades of constant innovation and critical acclaim, DMK has extended its unique, holistic skin concept into makeup.

Under the expert guidance of US cosmetic industry icon Tommy Parsons, DMK’s long-standing reputation for excellence in skin revision now comes full circle with a brand new range of cosmetics developed to complement and enhance its revolutionary treatment of skin conditions.

This foundation is very pigmented (you only need a very small amount) and contains no oils. This is fantastic for acne sufferers because its antiseptic therefore helps with breakouts,instead of making them worse. Coverage is beyond amazing!

I am always a bit suspicious about trying new products but this foundation is one of the best I have tried.  A little goes a long way, its goes on smooth and leaves you with a silky matte finish without it being too heavy on the skin.

This is a corrective foundation, so its not your everyday type of foundation. You definitely wont find it in the drugstore and in order to get your hands in one, you need to contact DMK themselves or find a salon that stocks it. I know this can put some people off but it really is one of those products that its worth chasing.  If you suffer from acne this is the best foundation for your skin, you really wont regret it.

Stay Beautiful



Understanding your skin- {Three step skincare routine}

Coming up with a skincare routine can sometimes be a daunting task, and not everyone has the time to keep at it on a daily basis. A lot of people start a routine without knowing much about their own skin, and what makes it misbehave. Less is more when it comes to setting a routine. You need to know your skin inside out and how to make it happy!

The three steps to healthy skin are to keep it clean, protect it from dehydration and the elements, and to address any problems that occur.

Keep it clean

As sebum is sticky,it attracts dirt and debris from the environment and needs to be removed with regular cleansing to prevent pores from becoming blocked. No matter how much you try it, you cannot stop sebum production or close the pores- they not doors. Using either a cleansing lotion, oil, or balm will give skin a deep clean while also nourish it at the same time. My current favorite is the Wild Rose Beauty Balm by Neals Yard. A  gorgeous creamy balm the last traces of makeup and dirt. I personally don’t use it as a makeup remover as I feel it would be a waste,especially with the price tag. I normally cleanse then go over with the balm to make sure my skin is completely clean. I also use it as a mask when my skin needs that extra hydration. Personally I don’t encourage constant exfoliation,as I think the skin does a pretty good job on its own, if you treat it properly! That said, I do use a face cloth/muslim whenever I cleanse. This process will naturally remove excess dead cells. I use a scrub only very occasionally if my skin is looking a little dull.

Protect it from dehydration and the elements

There are two things that you can help you skin look and feel better: keep it moist and protect it from water loss. The main cause for dehydration is water loss (duh). I am sure we are all familiar with this, especially in the winter! I am forever fighting to keep my skin hydrated in this gloomy weather. Certain ingredients in skincare products have the ability to draw more moisture from the air to the surface of the skin, but they can’t take it any further, which is why we need a little extra help. This is where ingredients such as emollient come in, they help slow down the evaporation process whilst keeping the top layers of cells stay soft and supple. For this part of the routine its important to choose the right ingredients for your particular skin type. Using the wrong ingredients can cause the skin to breakout.

Address the problems

We are all prone to the occasional skin problem, whether its a single spot or a severe case of acne. Normally when a problem occurs in the skin is sometimes an indication of something that is out of balance at a deeper level: stress sometimes being one of the main cases. Speaking from experience, modern medicine and skincare focus mainly on fixing the symptoms and what you can see rather, than investigating the cause. We are all guilty of this,too, as our may concern is to get rid of the blemish in a quick fix. Whilst this can work in the short term, if the initial cause is not addressed then the blemish, in some form or other, will always reappear.

Once you have those three steps in practice, then the rest should fall into place very easily.

Stay beautiful





Jo Loves- Red Truffle 21 {Review}

Perfumes are one of my favorite things to buy,look at and cover myself in it. I am a huge sucker for pretty packaging, I almost always buy something based on just the packaging alone! I don’t tend to stick with the same perfume,I like to change it depending on my mood and seasons. I always go for strong,fruity,sweet scents but I also love the overpowering smells of heavier scents.

My favorite perfume of all time is Reb’l fleur by Rhianna,its full of fruity smells and its just delicious to wear on a daily basis. I have mentioned this perfume before and you can read my review on here. Its the perfect summer fragrance if you like a fruity scent!

Sadly there is competition on my perfume table because a new contender has made its way into my heart. I first come across Red Truffle when I signed up for a free sample on the Jo Loves website. When the sample arrieved I was super excited to try it out. The scent didin’t agree with me at first,its quite strong and you don’t need much at all. I wore it for 1 day and had so many people asking me what I was wearing! I even got told that the scent was quite “orgasmic”- oh my! (insert blushing face here). After that first day of wearing it, I instantly fell in love with it! This brand created by Jo Malone is definitely her best yet and it doesn’t disappoint. Everyone that knows the brand knows how beautiful her perfumes are. Red Truffle is her best creation yet!


I wanted to create an unexpected and totally unique new scent, unveiling the most beautiful truffle note surrounded by warm, earthy fig, bitter citrus and cool, crisp pine. It is without a doubt my most exciting and daring fragrance to date!

I have never owned any Jo Malone perfumes so when I got this as a gift on Christmas day I was overwhelmed and beyond excited. My lovely fiance bought it after my tiny sample had finished and we both mourned that the gorgeous perfume was no more. I never expected him to buy it but I am so happy that he did. The packaging is stunning and I love the simplicity of the bottle. The strong scent of fig and pine hits you straight away and its the most gorgeous smell. Its not for everyone as it is a very strong scent, which some people might not be a fan off. Its definitely one of those fragrances that you would need to test it out for a few days before committing to it.

This is my most treasured gift (apart from my engagement ring), its still in the gorgeous box it come on and I only wear it on special occasions. It might well be my wedding day scent :-). The only downside is that I am now totally hooked on Jo Loves perfumes and I cant wait to add to my collection.

Stay beautiful


Anxiety and Me

Anxiety is often not a subject that gets talked about in great depth, however its a disorder that affects a lot of us. Its always hard to talk about something that you yourself can’t even comprehend at the best of times. However talking about it,is exactly what you should be doing!


I have always been an over cautious, over thinker, super worrier kind of person. Its fair to say that 80% of my life is spent worrying about something that hasn’t yet happen, will probably never happen or something that is in no relation to me whatsoever. Yes I am aware how unhealthy this is but yet its something that I have no control over. Control is the key word here because the moment I feel I’ve lost control, my anxiety kicks in and my mind goes into overdrive. I am the least controlling person I know but when it comes to my anxiety I need to always be on top. The moment I let it slip, the world as I know it will vanish………………it won’t of course, but try telling an anxious person that.

Sometimes anxiety creeps up on me without much warning, days like these are the hardest to deal with. Not knowing what the trigger was, makes me even more anxious and I just keep going round in circles. Thankfully these don’t happen that often and in general I lead a pretty normal life. Its hard work constantly fighting with my overactive mind but I guess we are all born with a gift, mine just happens to be stopping myself from thinking the worse is around every corner. I imagine my brain as a purple lightsaber just swooshing away all the negativity at 100 miles per hour- crazy but brings a smile to my face :-).


I was once asked what does an anxiety episode feel like. You go through so many emotions in a matter of seconds, describing it would take a good few hours. To me anxiety simply feels like someone has switch off my oxygen supply and you have to fight for every breath until it gets switched back on again. You fight to keep above everything that is trying to bring you down.

Anxiety is not something to be ashamed of or be ridiculed for. Its a horrible thing to go through, especially if you are prone to daily episodes. Its mentally and emotionally draining and one of the hardest things to control. However one of the most important thing I have learned is that communication is key, talk until you can no longer say another word. Even if it sounds silly,or totally crazy just say it! Its better out than in, see it as a way of taking the rubbish out. Speak to your friends, loved ones, GP. I struggled a lot with this and some days my poor fiance still has to get the words out of me. He never gives up and I am so grateful to him for being so incredibly stubborn,caring and patient during these draining moments.

I want this post to encourage other sufferers to talk about anxiety. If you are too shy to speak then simply write it down. Life is too short to be living in fear of the unknown!

Stay Beautiful and with a clear mind 🙂

Rosehip oil- Review

We all want healthy looking skin but unfortunately not all of us are blessed with it. I have always had a love/hate relationship with my skin, I spent my teens and early 20’s hating it and thinking how unlucky I was. Now in my 30’s I have finally learned to love my skin and being a lot more clued up on skincare(thank you Caroline Hirons), I have seen a huge improvement this past year.

Being a acne sufferer I will forever have the odd breakout and my skin will never be Top Model material BUT its perfect (well, almost) to me. I have become obsessed learning about skincare, not only for my own benefit but also so I can help other people that might not know so much about it. I love giving out tips and sharing products that I love and that have worked for me.

One particular product is Rosehip Oil– my little beauty wonder!


Rosehip oil  is a pressed seed oil, extracted from the seeds of a wild rose bush. This amazing oil is high in the essential fatty acids: omega-6, and  omega-3. It is commonly used for a variety of skin conditions, including dermatitis, and eczema, for mature and sun burnt skin as well as brittle nails and wrinkles. Rosehip oil is also frequently used to heal scarring and diminish photo-aging. 

I have found this works fantastic on pigmentation. I had quite a bit of pigmentation around my jaw that just wouldn’t shift, after 3 months I gave up trying. On the second day of applying this oil my pigmentation was noticeable lighter and by day 5 it was completely gone. I have now been using this for almost 2 weeks and my skin is healthy,glowing and not a spot in sight! It quickly absorbs into the skin replenishing moisture and creates a protective barrier on the skin to help prevent dehydration.

As someone that suffers with pigmentation and has acne scarring I can honestly say that this oil is the best thing I have ever used on my skin. I only use it in the evenings after cleansing,its not greasy and it doesn’t really have much of a scent.

I really do hope that someone else has the same fantastic result as I’ve had. Finding the right skincare products is all about trial and error but this is too good not to give it a go.

Stay beautiful and have a fantastic Christmas!